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Sport Performance Analytics Inc. (SPA INC.) is a new and unique company based in Toronto, Ontario.  Our aim and focus is to provide professional sport performance analysis services to help coaches, players, parents, and active individuals to improve their knowledge and understanding of the physical demands of their sport, the physical capacity of the athlete participants, and to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses of those individuals based on published National and International standards.
Relevant obtained data and statistics are used to enhance the performance of the team and individual athletes through establishing player and team monitoring platforms, optimizing training and recovery programs, and improving coaching methods and training.
Using cutting-edge technology, advanced statistical analyses, and applied sport science methodologies, services provided by SPA INC. include Match Filming, Video-Match Analysis, HR/GPS Monitoring, Match Statistical Analysis, Strength & Conditioning, Consultation, Coaching Education, and Exercise Physiology Research.
Sport Performance Analytics Inc. strives to provide athletes with the optimal sport performance analysis platform for success in their given sport, regardless of the level of competition.

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